Today’s Fruitfulness

Today I picked:

  • IMG_53846 1/4oz blackcurrants
  • 12 1/2oz strawberries
  • 14oz raspberry
  • 6lb 8oz redcurrants
  • Minus the few (and it was only a few, honest!) that I ate myself

As featured to the left – a photo that really doesn’t do them justice. So instead I’ll use it as an exercise – I’ll use words.

Redcurrants, glowing red, lit from within when the sun hits them so that you can see the otherwise invisible segments, the hidden seeds. In bunched tresses they hang in the secret heart, some out in plain view, some half-hidden. Some you look, look again, search a third time and then you might see them. Or you might not. The skins so soft, the juices so eager to burst free that too-firm a touch will squash them, send stickiness coating your fingers. There they hang, just waiting for finger, beak, snail feet, to come and steal them away.

It’s an everyday wonder, whether you like them yourself or pick them for someone else. . . though it must be said that sneeching the odd fruit as you’re picking is one of the perks! And as I was out in the garden today, something occurred to me: so many people say, write what you know. I say, find what you’re passionate about and write about that. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re knowledgeable about the subject or not – if you’re interested, you’ll want to learn, and you’ll want to write. A simple redcurrant gave me a burst of unexpected inspiration, so always be on the lookout: where might you find yours?

Find what you’re passionate about, what makes you want to write, whether it’s about real life, fantasy, or plain wackiness.

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