All in a Day’s Work!

You know in school or university or work when you’re asked, ‘so what did you do at the weekend?’

My First ever Redcurrant Jelly and Redcurrant cordial!
My First ever Redcurrant Jelly and Redcurrant cordial!

Never did I think I would be replying, ‘well, I picked bowls and bowls of fruit, vegetable and seed heads, cut flowers and put them in vases, dealt with last week’s fruit, helped re-make the water-but stand, and made rice-crispy bars.True it’s only Saturday, and I did some of that on Friday, but still’. And then I blogged about it of course. Which out of all those things would you find the strangest? For me, it’s still the blog.

Fruit, veg and eggs, oh my!
Fruit, veg and eggs, oh my!

Not that I would actually say that’s what I did to other people, because you just don’t do you? (She says, announcing it to whoever happens to read this.) Still, I wanted to tell someone: “I did that!” Because these were my first attempts at several things: making a water-but stand, (surprisingly enough) both the redcurrant jelly and the redcurrant cordial, and the rice-crispy bars. And later I made a blackcurrant cordial too which is also gorgeous! Apparently I don’t like to eat redcurrants or blackcurrants straight, but I do like them in a cordial. It’s probably the added sugar! These are also great ways of using and preserving fruit that would otherwise go mushy: make jam, jelly, relish, cordials, etc. Bottle it, freeze it. . .

Rice crispy bars (yum!)
Rice crispy bars (yum!)
The carrot that wanted to be a parsnip.
The carrot that wanted to be a parsnip.

So, anyone done anything exciting/interesting/new/unusual that they want (and can) admit to?

Anything you can say; ‘I made that!’ about?

2 thoughts on “All in a Day’s Work!

  1. I find it amazing that you can use ‘cordial’ and ‘strangest’ together and not apply them to each other… As for things I can say I made, alas, this weekend there has been none.

    Having said that, it is interesting how having a complete stranger on the Internet ask you if you’ve made anything is now one of my most compelling reasons TO make something. if you can call writing words for a story no one else is likely to ever read making something 😝

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    1. Everyone’s idea of what’s strange is different I guess, and I’m happy to accept that mine is perhaps more different than most! I’m also glad if I encouraged you to be creative, whatever the outcome.

      I hope you feel able to share your writing with someone one day. I know it took me years before I felt able to show mine to anyone, and that first person was family. It was even longer before I was brave enough to enter competitions and put it out for anyone to view. Sometimes I still wish I could keep it to myself, but then remind myself that- wait, why am I doing this again?


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