Title Terror

Does anyone else find choosing a title one of the worst things ever? I know writing blurbs is bad too, but I think I must spend just as much time – if not more – trying to decide on a title for my writing. I’ll even sometimes have a selection of five or so, and end up dithering between them. . . finally choosing one, only to decide I don’t like it later.

The funny thing is, when I’m coming up with ideas for stories, I’ll get great-sounding titles coming to me in droves. Only they never seem to fit the story I’ve written. Or as soon as I think of them they’re already marked for their own story.

Why are these things never easy?

I suppose I could try coming up with the title first, but when you don’t plan your writing, that can be a bit tricky. On the whole I know beforehand if I’m writing a romance or mystery or whatever, but more than that? No. And like I say, I come up with a title and it might fit for a while, but then I get to wondering. . .

Does anyone else have title terror? Or is it the stick-in-the-mud middles that give you headaches? The beastly blurb? Tricky time-finding? Whatever it is, I sure hope it gets easier with practice. (If it doesn’t, please don’t tell me. I’d rather live in that over-populated place; hope!)

3 thoughts on “Title Terror

  1. Titles articles are actually one of the few things I’m okay with. When I start writing a book or a chapter (I like having chapter subtitles where I can) I think of one which fits what I THINK I’m about to write. Thus far, I’ve had to go back and alter about a third of my titles, but I think the hardest part of that is the disappointment that I’ll probably never get to read the story which went with the old title.

    Now, names… Names are most definitely my nemesis…

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    1. So far I’m ok with names. I have to think about them a while but then one will sort of pop into my head while I’m writing. Or I start out with a name, start writing, and suddenly there’s this character.

      Unless I’m repeating without realising? Oh no, now I’m going to have to go back through everything and check! Maybe I should start a list: ‘names I’ve used and where’


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