Worth it!

As I was beginning to wonder if my writing would ever be good enough for general public view, if the hours of typing and checking and straining my brain for just the right way to say this was worth it. . . Not forgetting (unfortunately) the pounds spent on competition entries. . . and then this happens:

I was on the shortlist for The Cro Magnon Primitive Humanity Competition!

Now, to some this may not be a big deal. To me it’s everything. It’s an emotional boost, it’s verification that I can do this, it’s proof that one tiny step of good makes up for a lot of hard plodding! Also a hint maybe that I just need to find the right home for my efforts. . .?

The proof is here, ladies and gentlemen: my name in print (sort of!) Primitive Humanity: Best of the Rest

Hopefully things will be, as they say, Onwards and Upwards!

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