So, I just updated the hidden glades and falling leaves with the latest, but here’s a quick run-down of what’s been going on:IMG_5745IMG_5758

  • Still cooking and making things. These were apple and elderflower syllabub decorated with chocolate flakes, and chocolate witches hats for Halloween. I’ve also recently made apple and kumquat sponge puddings, and a type of champagne truffle.
  • The shelves are stocked with bottles and jars, the freezers filled with bags and trays and other containers.
  • IMG_5742We’re still getting flowers, fruit and veg from the garden, although things are slowing up.
  • Garden tidying is well behind – leaves need bagging, plants cutting back, pots putting away in the shed, and all those usual Autumn-preparing-for-Winter sorts of things.
  • Writing is – as always – still going on. I’ve been shortlisted for a couple of competitions, and apparently there have been more entries across all competitions than ever this year, and the standard has been very high, so. . .
  • NaNoWriMo is upon us – nearly halfway through in fact (More on that another time)
  • I’m building a shelf/cupboard/kitchen unit to hold all the jars and bottles and cookbooks. It’s pretty much my first major building project, and this has actually been on the planning board for a while, but it’s finally started. Oh-my-gosh! I probably should have done photos as it was going along, but I’ve only just thought of it, so we’ll all have to make do with a ‘finished’ photo. When it is.

Oh, and finally, we’ve started work on the front garden (not that we’ve finished the back, but there you go) and collected some plants to put in. This will be on hold now until Spring most likely, but here’s a couple of snaps: digging up the grass and using it to build a bank between us and the neighbours, hopefully stopping cats getting through the garden so easily at the same time. We made trellising to screen the road and have planted climbers on that, some evergreen, so it should cover well all year. In the bags are plant cuttings waiting to be shredded, which can then be spread on the cleared ground to help prevent weeds growing, and as a mulch to introduce nutrients.


The final image is of plants we’ve been collecting to fill the area, similar things IMG_5754to those in the back. Stewarts Garden Centre has been doing Thrifty Thursdays, where they sell plants off cheaply (partly so they don’t have to overwinter them) and it’s been brilliant for us. We’ve purchased five and sometimes more plants for the same price that one would have been normally, so a big thank you to Stewarts, without whom our front garden wouldn’t have had so many wonderful plants nearly so quickly! If at all! Now we just have to finish clearing grass, dig the area over, work out where things are going, plant it up. . .

I’m sure there are other things, but these are the main points that I can think of right now. . .

Anyone ready for December? Can anyone believe it is December next month?!

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