Bright Side of the Moan

Have you ever been in the situation where you have so many things you need to do that you don’t end up doing any at all? You do do stuff, only you don’t seem to end up doing any of the things you’d originally thought of, but all the things you did do still needed doing, and at the end of the day the number of things you’re remembering that have to be done has – if anything – increased. So you think, ok, I’ll make a list – this’ll work. So you start a list of Things I have to Do. Only you find yourself putting things on it like ‘writing, ‘Christmas’, ‘go places to get stuff’, and you forget specifically what you needed. So you write out separate lists: Jobs around the House – tidy. . ., clean. . ., move. . ., sort out. . ., make the. . .; Writing – competitions. . ., edit. . ., finish writing. . ., update blog. . ., sort those. . ., decide what you’re doing with. . .; Things for Christmas – sort presents for. . ., decide about. . ., make sure. . ., tidy. . ., decorate. . ., make. . .; Places to Go – garden centre for. . ., craft shop. . ., butchers. . ., DIY place. . ., various. . .; Need to Finish. . .; Can’t-Think-Where-This-Goes-So-I’ll-do-Another-List. . .! And an hour later you’re still going!

Now you might be hoping I’m writing this because I’ve come up with a solution to this sort of problem, or at least have some hints for how to deal with it. . . Only I’m not sure I have. I can tell you all the usual stuff that everyone says: make lists, do one thing at a time, keep breathing (though you probably don’t have time to waste on that sort of thing) don’t try to do it all at once, don’t stress over it – it’s (probably) not the end of the world. . . And really, what else is there to say? Unless you’re going to give up on your job, family and humans in general, there are going to be times when you have tons to do. When all you can do is pick one thing, and do that. Pick another, and do that. . . Besides, even if you did give up on civilisation, you’d still have stuff you had to do, it’s sort of part of the human condition.

What’s the bright side of this moan, you ask? Firstly, I’m not sure it is a moan per se, but I’ll let that go. So. I could say deep stuff about the time of year, and caring and sharing and how lucky I am. Instead I’ll go for the selfish bit; I like being busy. As long as I don’t let myself get too wound up about it all. And don’t you think it’s great to be able to choose from a variety of things that all really need doing, rather than having just one or two? That sense of satisfaction when you can cross things off your list? Seeing other people made happier, their own lives a little easier, by something you’ve done?

A poor excuse for not having posted recently, but there it is. I’ve been busy with other writings (with deadlines), and life, and little things like that. I guess my next question then has to be: What do you think are the chances of me finding time to post again before Christmas Craziness? Good? Poor? Who knows and who cares? Well, personally I’m hoping to at least get on here to send out the traditional good wishes. . .

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