Winter Solstice

Here’s to the Winter Solstice: shortest day, longest night, and so from here on out the days (in theory) get longer/lighter. In essence, more hours of sunlight, which we’d all appreciate right about now.

So what’s going on? By now the shopping’s done- except you’ve forgotten something vital like the salad stuff, so you go to the shops and pick up that, along with a few other bits and pieces that you simply can’t do without so you end up with a twenty-seven pound bill. And the very next day find out you’ve run out of bread. The presents are wrapped. All but the ones hidden in the wardrobe. The fridge and freezer are full. (Which reminds me; where are we going to put that salad?) Everything’s arranged. . . only that one person hasn’t got back to you yet, and if they show up there’s also their partner and children. . . Well at least the decorating’s done. Just need to get the boxes back upstairs. . . And there’s those last bits of cooking things to do, like decorating the cake and picking up the turkey. . . minor things.

How many days until Christmas again?

Wishing everyone good and safe times over the next week or so in particular – whatever your belief, religion, tradition, and whether you celebrate Christmas, Midwinter, Yule, just get together with people you care about, or stay quietly at home.

And as I probably won’t post again for a while, Happy New Year!

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