What to Write

I’ve been thinking recently that maybe this particular project of mine has run out of steam, as the saying goes. From my stats page I can see that in the first month I wrote over twenty posts, but this quickly dropped to something more like seven a month. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing and still means I’m doing at least one a week: I don’t want to be writing posts every single day about nothing in particular. But the last little while I’ve been struggling to find anything I really want to write about; to decide on something that other people might find vaguely interesting. Not that I really know what other people find interesting. For all I know they might prefer it if I turned this into a daily “Dear Diary. . .”

Urgh, and doesn’t that bring back some un-fond school memories!

At the moment though, my writing is carrying on much as it was, I’ve done a bit of painting and sketching, the garden’s in a quiet lull (except for the couple of days of brief sunshine I’ve made the most of by dashing out to do a bit of tidying up and planting out) and I’m not really cooking because there’s still chocolates left around from Christmas, and a couple of birthday cakes have been and gone. . . So what do I write?

Maybe it’s just the time of year: I do less in autumn and winter, and if I hold out until summer, it’ll pick up again. Only one way to find out that I guess.

I did hear about this challenge though, to write a post a day throughout April, using the letters of the alphabet from a-z. I was intrigued, certain I couldn’t do it, and wondering what the point of it was. Then this morning – for no reason at all that I could tell, because I’d seen about this ages ago and dismissed it – I suddenly had ideas for the whole alphabet there in my head. And they didn’t seem terrible. So obviously it’s not a lack of things to write about that’s making me question the continuation of CinderBear’s Wood.

You know when you see the end of something and you slow down because you don’t want to get there? Possibly that’s what’s stopped me doing so many posts. I’m wary that I’ll use up all my ideas and then really be left with nothing to write about, so I hoard them and write less anyway!

Standing in my own way do you think?

3 thoughts on “What to Write

  1. Exactly! Are these normal feeling for one to have as a creative artist? Do they last? Everyone around me(in the physical sense), keeps telling me that it is just my pessimistic and overly anxious/worried mind. I’m not so sure though, because what you wrote is pretty much exactly how I feel when I get on my blog and try anything. But, if I happen across someone else’s ideas, I’m like-what, why didn’t I think of that?. Also, I’m no copy cat, so then I can’t help getting down on myself. Thanks for sharing! I’ll keep my head up, if you will. Cheers!!


    1. Agreed! I’ve only been writing regularly for about a year, and doing this blog for not even that long, so I have no idea if the worry of ideas running out ever goes away – or if the ideas do! Until then, I’ll keep going. And thanks for the comment

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