Weather/Garden Update

So do you think the weather is confused or messing with us? Because here in England we’ve been swinging from double figured temperatures to single and back faster than I can cope with, sometimes having it warmer now than it was in August. That’s warmer in winter than in summer folks! And to go from frozen-nose inside to ‘I don’t think I need a coat on’ outside is just plain confusing.

Here’s a run-down of recent strangeness:

  • Not really cold at all to heavy frosts to grey to warm to I’ll-light-a-fire-thank-you-very-much
  • Plants flowering wackily
  • Summer-blue skies. You know the sky in summer is usually a different colour of blue than the winter? We’ve had summer-blue on a couple of days
  • Plants bursting leaf-buds already
  • Frog-spawn. Spotted last week, so in plenty of time to be caught by the frosts that followed
  • At night never knowing whether to pile blankets on or take layers off
  • High winds and rain. . . and storm warnings all over the place

(Some of these photos are from a bit ago – should have been with the previous garden post really but somehow they didn’t end up there. . . Others are from more recently.)





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