Weirdest Thing. . .

Did anyone else know you can get a hangover without drinking a single slurp of alcohol? (Or at least what I’ve heard a hangover is like. . .) Seriously! The whole thing: headache, tired, brain disconnected, not being completely certain of what you did the night before and desperately but distantly hoping it wasn’t anything too stupid, body not quite doing what you tell it to. . . Having vague memories that at the time it was fun, or at least seemed like a good idea. And all I did was spend the previous day madly writing a story because I’d had a good idea and the deadline was that night. I think I emailed it off sometime after half eleven? I don’t know, my brain was pretty fried by that point anyway.

My morning was spent near comatose – I was walking around but not really there if you know what I mean – unable to speak words that made sense, never mind put together a sentence. Giving up on doing anything (thank goodness I didn’t have to today!) I read. Sometime achieving a momentary patch of clarity, I realised that if I’d been an ordinary person I wouldn’t have woken up until midday in the first place, (I was sort of conscious by six) and so I made up my mind that that’s what I would do, I would ‘wake up’ after lunch. And strangely I did, slightly. I was able to remain upright and get outside for a few hours anyway.

Except that now I was acting sort of tipsy, you know, giggly over the weirdest things and thinking while I chuckled that it really wasn’t that funny so why was I laughing? My arms and legs were collapsible too, and combined with poor balance this led to a couple of precarious moments. Like nearly tipping myself off a wheely computer chair and pulling the thing over on top of me. So not what I’m normally like. Well, not that much anyway. Oh, but I could talk now more or less. As long as I concentrated. An improvement, right?

Having read this far, you might be wondering why I’m sharing this, and the only reason I can come up with is it’s sort of funny, really random, and apparently a hazard of me writing late at night in a crazy effort to meet a deadline. You’re also probably thinking that now might not the time for me to be writing a post, but I know I’ve been a bit neglectful of this recently, and I don’t want that to become a thing. All I can say is that at this time of year, if I see sun I’m out in the garden, and when I’ve not been gardening I’ve been writing, because I had a brief break from that and now I’ve got myself back into it and I don’t want to stop again.

Besides, I wanted to get down this whole experience while I remember, and post it before I think better of it. Gotta have something to regret later, since I haven’t yet had the guts (or the brain power) to re-read what I wrote and sent off last night! At least I think I sent it. To the right address. Having followed all the submission rules.

Okay, I’m stopping now because I’m afraid this is getting a bit rambley and I don’t want to embarrass myself so much that I feel compelled to clear my whole site and start again. Oh, but first I just have to put the question out there: has anyone else experienced anything like this or is it just a seriously random thing that happened to me this once? Actually, I might have heard something about extreme tiredness causing drunk-like behaviour, but that’s before you sleep, and that would be so pathetic if I got that just from staying up writing that one night and not even until after midnight. . . Okay, I’m seriously stopping now.

Think you my reasoning processes are a little off? If this post vanishes, you’ll know why.

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