Late Spring Flowers

Flowers (I would hope) most people have seen in some form by now, whether in their own gardens, at the side of the road, or in someone else’s garden:

Daffodils and Tulips, along with several other bulbs are well-known spring flowers, but even these have many different types and they all flower at different times, for example the multi-headed white daffodil (right) has only just come out where the single yellows and rockery daffodils are well finished.

Some flowers you may not have seen before:

Things are certainly moving, and if you don’t believe me just take a closer look around – the grass is looking lusher, there’s flowers and leaves coming on plants and seeds are sprouting. Even the trees are starting to get their spring-green haze. Oh, and just quickly you have to check out this asparagus and rhubarb – going to have some tasties by the weekend!

And now a few things to remember:

That a lot of gardens, especially productive ones and at this time of year, aren’t perfect display pieces, but you can put tubs on empty vegetable beds to brighten things up a bit. . .


That we all need to take a minute to enjoy the sunshine that comes our way. . .


And that everybody like to try something a bit different every now and again!


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