A Productive Weekend

As I hoped, we had garden-grown purple sprouting broccoli, asparagus and rhubarb for the weekend. Yum! It’ll sound cliché, but going out to pick food, putting it in to cook and eating it a few hours later – nothing quite like it! And home grown tastes (and often looks) completely different to that of supermarket bought. Take broccoli: I’ve tried that before and hated it, but this was pretty nice. Don’t know if it’s to do with the variety or growing conditions, but it’s completely different.

After Saturday lunch, I unexpectedly found myself helping to lay a floor would you believe! One of those interlocking ones? So that was my Saturday afternoon and Sunday: clearing everything from a room, taking up the carpet, getting the carpet out the way, putting down underlay, and laying the tile/board thingys. You lliterally couldn’t get to parts of the house without climbing under or over furniture and boxes and chairs and carpet! Between the four of us, we got it done too. Well, the floor down and pathways cleared anyway, not the furniture back because we’re swapping two rooms – Kitchen/diner with. . . I don’t even know what to call the other room!

Funny thing: we got half the floor down then realised it was too low and we didn’t have enough extra underlay, so while one went out to get more, the other three took up the floor. . . Then we had to lay it all again! It was much quicker the second time though because the pieces were all cut to size already and we just had to fit them together.

Monday a guy came to move the cookers – we needed gas-pipes moving as well as the cookers themselves. Which meant we could start building the new cabinets. And yes, that’s building as in measuring and marking and cutting actual wood, putting it all together and hoping we end up with enough storage space at the end of it!

So here we are so far. On the left is the kitchen. (Only the cookers and freezer are actually going to be there when we’ve finished) Right is the dining room half. The other room I don’t have photos of because it’s a mess of an obstacle course right now and nothing’s staying where it is! For one thing, in the old kitchen the cabinets are still there, and we have to redo the floor. . .

So I guess that’s next weekend planned out for me too: going to B&Q for more supplies, building cabinets, demolishing old ones, helping to move a sink, laying more floor. . . Do you think we’ll get all that done in one? Picture me laughing.

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