Planting on: Seeds to Seedlings

Now is the time that, having sown at least a couple of lots of seeds – for example, one lot in March and another in April – you realise that despite your efforts to spread them out, they’re all coming up at the same time. Which means they’ll all need potting on at the same time. Which means you’re going to run out of suitably-sized pots and places to put them!

Isn’t growing your own plants wonderful?

The other danger at this time is of course slugs and snails. They eat bigger plants too, but if you don’t protect your seedlings you’re going to go to check on them one morning only to find them all mown down to sticks, with pretty silver ribbons to reveal the culprit. Apparently we’re going to have a bumper crop of slugs, snails and aphids this year too, as the weather hasn’t been cold enough to knock them back and they’ve just carried on breeding all winter. So put slug pellets on your shopping list and then remember to use them!

This year we’re trying something new: seeds planted in new compost because it needs to be decent stuff, but then things that are going in the garden, we’re potting on with spent compost. This is compost used in tubs last year and which we used to put straight on the garden to give that a boost, but which is plenty good enough to use again for potting on. Hopefully it’ll mean we have to buy less compost, and we’ll get more use from what we do buy. Also, we do make our own compost using wormeries and compost heaps, but that’s usually used as a mulch around fruit and roses.

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