It has come to my attention that I have a bit of a decision to make. (Honestly, this simply didn’t occur to me before now!) As previously mentioned  I write, and therefore I am a writer. All well and good. Except. It’s my aim/hope/ambition/vague notion that someday I’d like to be published. Fair enough. So what’s the problem? Believe it or not, my concern is success. Because if I did somehow get published, whether through traditional methods or self-publishing, and if it also came about that my writing attained any sort of popularity, there would then be certain expectations an author would have to meet.

  • The pressures of producing work of equal if not greater standard
  • A significant and consistent online presence inculding use of social media
  • Signings
  • Photos and/or personal appearances

All of which are aimed at ‘promoting’. In other words advertising. Another way of saying selling. In this case selling me. So from that point of view I don’t think I want to be a well-known author, or even a vaguely successful one! Certainly not famous, thank you very much.

Now this probably seems like a waste of time and energy, thinking about something that may never happen. Especially considering I don’t have an agent, I’m probably nowhere near getting anything published, and even if I did manage to do so there’s no saying anyone would be interested. But it’s a bit too late to think about after it happens.

Then again, would I really say ‘no’ to being published just because I’m like nearly every other writer out there? I.e. Hate being the centre of attention, have an astonishing lack self-confidence, and in general would rather hide away from the world. I mean, come on, that’s one of the major appeals of writing in the first place isn’t it? To avoid public attention and be able to get on with your work somewhere, quiet and invisible? But does that mean I give up on my vague hopes of publication out of fear, and before even finding out if I could? Maybe I could just ignore the issue and see what comes my way. Well I guess I’ve come this far. . .

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