May Garden


During May we’ve gone from Spring bulbs to full summer greenery and flowers. Only now the wallflowers are near enough finished, and the blossoms, and the wisteria has transitioned from purple-yellow flowers to lime-green leaves!

The roses (which unfortunately I don’t have pictures of yet) are covered in flowers – great IMG_6239walls of yellow and pink that smell almost too sweet. The occasional deep red or peach adding different tones. Oh, and we’ve managed to get lupins flowering for the first time ever; before, they’ve always just been mown off – slug or snail food! We’re struggling to keep up with potting on and planting out my not-so-tiny seedlings, and the front garden has suddenly filled in. While working in the front, where the current drive is crumbling away at the sides, we found this old brick path (right) and there’s some debate over what to do with it: un-bury the rest, leave it alone, try and keep it and make it into a bit of a feature somehow. . . If we ever get the drive redone though, it’ll have to go I guess.


As for edibles, this year I’ve already picked many portions of purple sprouting broccoli (now finished) asparagus, peas, lettuce, carrots, leek, and rhubarb. More recently I’ve picked a handful of real home-grown strawberries which are (or were!) completely gorgeous. Put you right off bought ones, I tell you. Did you know beans – or runner beans anyway – will regrow from the previous years roots? True. When they finished last year I cleared away the tops but didn’t get round to digging out the roots, and then was glad I hadn’t when I saw the new shoots growing from them.

And would you believe one of my IMG_6248bananas is flowering!! This photo’s a while old now, and in fact the flower has already tipped over and has little banana-lets on, and I’ll try to get a more recent one as soon as, but for now this will have to do.

Why is it that so often when you say you’re going to take something out, that year it’ll flower beautifully or suddenly decide to fruit when it never has before? Because I decided this year – for various reasons – to remove my giant bananas and use the space for something else. Hopefully a somewhat more constructive something else like vegetables, fruit, flowers. . . Anyway, I go to take out this banana and there’s this flower on it. . . Ok, it has flowered before, but not with such healthy looking banana-lets on it. I can hardly take it out now, can I?

Have you ever seen an albino starling? Or that’s what we’ve decided it must be since it looks like a starling except for its amazing creamy butter colour. .  .

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