Where did June go?

On the whole June has gone by in days IMG_6269of cloud and rain, everyone still wrapped in layers of trousers and long sleeves and jumpers. But, as promised, here’s a more recent picture of my banana flower. (Taken rather longer than I thought to get it here mind you.)

The garden is moving along through its usual seasonal route: baby birds getting their adult feathers, flowering shrubs and plants progressing – some finishing and others just budding. The garden is scarily pink at the moment: there’s been a fair bit of discussion over how that happened when no-one here’s overly keen on the colour!

Sadly the roses have been rotting on the plants, some even before the buds have a chance to open. The strawberries have suffered the same fate, between this and the woodlice as many being chucked away as picked.

The tomato plants are going a tad crazy. I started off without many when the seed didn’t germinate, so a planted more and they all came up. Forest! In the summerhouse beds we’ve got tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion, beetroot, and new for this year; the cucamelon. Anyone heard of it? Tell you what, strawberries do well in hanging baskets as well as tubs as long as you don’t let them get too crowded. My first peas have finished, and the next lots not coming in yet, but I’ve picked three courgettes!

In the Tropical House most of the bananas are gone, replaced with more tomatoes, lettuce, African Marigolds, and a couple of Chinese Cabbages. So far the new idea’s working pretty well, though I’m still sad about digging out my bananas.IMG_6320

Strawberries anyone?

These were some of the first we picked, and since then we get a bowlful every couple of days maybe. Some bigger than these, most of a similar sort of size. The raspberries are coming in now too. Yum!

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