Not so Easy Second Time Round

I’ve heard lots of people say writing one book is hard enough but ok, it’s when you have to write the second that you really get in trouble. Well, I haven’t found that so much with my writing, but I certainly have with building! I get the feeling that either I was incredibly lucky during my first attempt at cupboard making, or— Actually, I don’t think I have an ‘or’.

Mind you, it didn’t help that;

  1. The walls/floor/house isn’t square.
  2. Despite our best efforts to get the straightest pieces the wood was bendy, and some pieces twisted in every way imaginable. (Don’t know how it can be sold as decent construction wood)
  3. Even if I managed to make a square door, if the hole it was going in wasn’t also square, then we had a problem.IMG_6282

However, despite all difficulties I got the cupboard
finished a bit ago, and here it is mostly filled. Since then we’ve also pretty much moved the rest of the kitchen into its new room, and put a new floor down in what used to be the kitchen. . . There has been much confusion I can tell you!

My latest charge is to make a kitchen table. With a counter-top suitable for food preparation, and underneath drawers, and shelves to store those bits and pieces that wouldn’t fit in the narrower cupboards. Yikes!  Think I might need a bit more help with this one.

It really does make you appreciate how much time and skill goes into traditional woodwork though. The professional carpenters and joiners and the rest. . . Well. The precision needed – and patience – to make all those gorgeous things: furniture, buildings, ships, tools. . .carvings and panelling. My admiration to them!

As for me, I’ve made a second cupboard that stands up, (though it needed a little extra help to stand straight) the doors (mostly) open and close, although as time has passed some have decided they’ll stick. I’m guessing it’s to do with things shifting and settling now it has weight on the shelves. And I’ve got lots of bits waiting to be put together somehow to make a table. It’ll be really nice. As long as it works. . .

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