Here are several garden-related firsts of last week:

First time I managed to get a vaguely reasonable photo of the blonde starling, though it’s still pretty blurred – the creature will keep moving for some reason. . .! I don’t think it can be albino because it isn’t pure white and doesn’t have red eyes, and it’s also developed a dark patterning along the edge of its wings.IMG_6330


First time this year I’ve picked large quantities of fruit, vegetables and flowers. The strawberries are still coming – never seen them so big as they have been this year! The sweet peas have had the straightest and longest stems I’ve ever seen outside a competition, and this is the largest turnip I’ve grown yet.


With the fridge overflowing with fruit, I made a basic redcurrant cordial, (which I have made before, but it’s the first this year) and when the strawberries started to go off I tried the same recipe using those – it was incredible! Tastes like drinking strawberries and sunshine 🙂 A new-found recipe for a mixed berry sorbet has also been much appreciated during this momentary switch to Summer.


First time I’ve been properly warm, could wear shorts and t-shirt outside, and had opportunity to get pictures like this:



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