One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of Those days, where nothing major goes wrong but lots of little things? You wake up a bit late, nothing you put on feels quite comfortable, you run out of something for breakfast, bang into the table, spill water, realise you made a stupid mistake on a bit of work, nearly trip on your way out the door, click a button then realise you really didn’t want to do that. . . Things that don’t normally bother you get you upset or angry. . . And at some point you end up closing your eyes for a long minute and thinking, ‘oh heck, it’s going to be one of Those days’, as you madly try and think – hope – that there’s nothing too important going on.

That was today. Hopefully it won’t be tomorrow.

A piece of advice? If you can avoid it, don’t make any decisions on days like these. Or think about serious things, or things that matter to you, because once that wretched day is over you will probably feel quite differently. Just wait it out. Honestly, sometimes it’s the best – and only – thing to do.

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