Updates to CinderBear’s Wood

As you might have noticed, there’ve been a few changes to CinderBear’s Wood – a lot of them cosmetic, but structural changes too. I’m not sure I’ve got things customised how I want them yet, and I’m not completely sold on the current colour-scheme, and I’m aiming to put at least one more page into the site. . . Ok, it’s nowhere near what I want it to be, but I’m working on it when I can and learning it’s easier to make these sorts of changes when you’re first setting up a site rather than editing an existing one.

There’s a piece of advice to blogger newbies: get it how you want it to begin with!

Then again, that’s not really fair since I liked my original site, I just needed a change. As always I’m open to feedback, though unless I get an inbox-full of complaints I won’t change it back to exactly how it was. Plus, it’s not wherever it’s going yet, so give it a chance!

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