A New Writing Day

This is an ordinary day, but I know that un-ordinary things are going to happen. (Barring outside forces) This is because I have chosen to do them. It’s been a while since I started a new novel, and today is the day.

Why now?

Because I’ve been putting it off, and I’ve decided not to any more.

Some of the reasons I haven’t been writing so much are out of my control: health, things happening, other things taking priority. (Which is admittedly at least partly under my control, but not wholly.) There are others though. Essentially stupid and/or pointless things like indecision between novel and short story and editing, and that I might use up all my ideas before I’m good enough to do justice to them.

So today I’m going to start writing. Or rather thinking about writing, because I’m also going to try planning this unwritten novel. I’ve never planned before, and I’m not intending to go into full-on planning, mapping out in detail every character and event and what happens in which chapter. I’m not going to use diagrams or any of the other techniques I’ve heard about. No, I’m going to start by finding my idea (and I’ve had an interesting thought on where to look), and go from there. Maybe get a rough overview of the whole story, think about characters a bit before we start.

Usually I hear the story and meet the characters as I write, and I still will, but this time I’m thinking I’ll know them just a little bit beforehand.

You can blame this attempt at a new method on ‘how-to’ books. I never thought I’d read one but I was persuaded to try, and they’re not what I thought. To find out about that you’ll have to wait for next time though, because right now I’ve got some thinking to do.

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