I went out to the summerhouse the other day and discovered this:


I hadn’t seen the flower stalk coming up – I have several amaryllis and to be honest I haven’t been paying them much attention: they bloom indoors in winter. They’re often sold around Christmas for that reason.

This year I’ve had one bloom toward the end of August, and another at the beginning of October.
img_6385The bulb sends up a flower stem, which will have multiple flower-heads on. (According to Wikipedia it can be anything from two to twelve, though I’ve only ever seen three or four.) The buds open one after another, and the flowers can last for several weeks.

They can also have multiple flower stems at a time.

Since they’re only meant to flower once a year I do wonder if I’ll have any round Christmas time. I’d be sorry to do without the reminder of spring and summer which they give, and they can make pretty unusual decorations too!

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