Writing Day 96

(Or something about there anyway)

First of all: HappyChristmasHappyNewYearCongratulationsonsurviving HopeyouhadgoodholidaysHasn’titbeenages

Now on with the good stuff! Since last writing about day 13, I have added several chapters, stopped writing for two months, and struggled to pick it all back up again. If I thought it was bad that time I stopped for a week. . . Although I’ve re-read from the beginning, I still don’t feel like I know the characters as well as I did when I started, it’s like I’ve lost something. But I’m carrying on (what else is there to do) and reminding myself often that this is just a first draft, it isn’t meant to be brilliant. Only the first draft, it’s just to get the whole thing down roughly. First draft – I’ll fix all the off bits later. . . Hang on, I can’t leave that like that. Spelling mistake! That does not make sense. If I change that like that and move that there. . . and I’ll just tweak this.

Check the time and- I’ve done nothing but play with this one paragraph and I have to stop now. Darn it!

Most recently, this novel is in the process of taking a turn for the infuriating (and hopefully better) and all because I had A GOOD IDEA. For those that haven’t experienced this particular phenomenon, it goes as follows: someone comes up with what sounds like a really good idea. It’s going to be amazing and look, this is all you have to do. And then you try to do this thing. . . and it’s not easy or straightforward, and it takes way longer than you’d thought it would. That’s what ‘good ideas’ usually mean for me.

So the idea I had was: would it be better if this big lie one of the main characters is telling wasn’t revealed so early on in the plot? I couldn’t decide, and in the end did a brainstorming type thing on the advantages/disadvantages and how the story would be different.

(Some of my thinkings)

By the end of this I felt that keeping the secret would make for a better a story, which unfortunately meant that I’d have to go back to just after the first couple of chapters and re-write the whole thing. ACK! I’m hoping to be able to use the stuff I’m removing later on in the story, except I realised this morning that that might not be possible because the characters will most likely be in very different places by the time those removed scenes might fit in. . .

Re-saving as _____2 and beginning the re-write.

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