Writing Day (where am I?)

I don’t know how long I’ve been writing this novel now. WordPress says it’s five months since the first ‘writing day’ post. The date on my original Word document is the 24th October 2016 which is about 147 days ago. The date on my new Word document (from when I changed the plot) is the 5th January 2017, but it feel like much longer ago that I started.

But the start isn’t why I’m writing now.

It’s the end – I finished my first draft!

I now have a (very) rough manuscript of 75,855 words!

Taking a moment to celebrate. . .


. . . Ok, done.

Back to business.

The next step is to let the novel sit for a while, then it’s time to attempt the first edit. As well as the usual checks of spelling, grammar, plot, pacing, continuity, and all the rest, I already know there are plenty of things to fix:

  • Missing names, where I couldn’t think of one at the time or forgot what the name of a minor character was and so have to find it.
  • Finding facts
  • Gaps, where I got stuck in a scene and skipped out of it into the next.
  • Things I put in that now need alluding to and/or strengthening in the beginning. E.g. a character’s actions toward the later part of the story may need a certain trait to be made into a main characteristic or at lest strengthened earlier in the plot to make it more believable.

Despite the work I know I have ahead, I can’t help feeling excited and proud that I’ve made it this far. Yay!


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