The Female Heroine

Something I've noticed in books and films recently - probably because there's been a fair bit floating round the internet on feminism -  is the appearance of a certain type of female heroine. See if this sounds familiar: pretty, dainty female, young (past teens, under mid-thirties) is very unsure of herself but decides to take on …

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Writing Problems and Their Remedies

I think everyone can agree that writing problems can either be with the writer or with their writing, and that most people suffer from both. That agreed, can we also accept that a writer lucky enough to have someone who reads their scribblings would be foolish to out-of-hand ignore whatever response they receive, yes? Well then, being one …

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Diversity is one of those ongoing, rather volatile issues, that seems to me completely bizarre in various ways. For example, if you start saying things like ‘we need a certain percentage of our people to be _____’ then you're basically singling that type of person out for special treatment, and penalising others just because they’re not …

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