Self-Publishing Platforms

So far in my publishing bumbling, I have tried out two different self-publishing platforms: Lulu CreateSpace I found Lulu to be pretty straightforward, although there were a couple of printing issues, and even when I used their template it still said the page size was different than their requirements. What more can I do than …

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Fairy Tales

I can't seem to help keeping an eye on what writing competitions are going on even when I've decided I'm not going to enter any for a while. For example, there are a whole load finishing tomorrow. One closing in June is the short story prize run by the National Literacy Trust in partnership with …

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Novel Research – Seeing the Future

Sometimes when you're writing, you need to do research on a topic to be able to write about it with authenticity and authority. Organised people  who know exactly where their story is going may get all their research done before they put fingers to keys. Others (those of us less organised or forward-thinking) side-track into …

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Writing Day 96

(Or something about there anyway) First of all: HappyChristmasHappyNewYearCongratulationsonsurviving HopeyouhadgoodholidaysHasn'titbeenages Now on with the good stuff! Since last writing about day 13, I have added several chapters, stopped writing for two months, and struggled to pick it all back up again. If I thought it was bad that time I stopped for a week. . …

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Quick Tip

Organisational things like calendars, character sheets, and documents containing facts on your novel can be very useful. As long as you start them, fill them in properly, keep them updated, and remember to check them at appropriate times. Otherwise they're one more way to legitimately waste your own time! (Curse you deadlines and your sneakiness!)