Oh, the possibilities!

I don’t find me a very interesting topic, but it seems to be the thing these days to know details about people you’ll never meet. So here I am, the author of CinderBear’s Wood.


I live in the south of the UK and I prefer country to town, in fact I’ve never been to a large (or probably not even a medium-sized) urban area. Listing my likes and dislikes doesn’t hold much appeal, so I’ll move right on to the good stuff.

You know how in school everyone has a favourite subject? How at some point before the age of 16, most people know what job they want to do, or have an area of interest to pursue, or have one thing in particular they’re really good at? I never did. I liked most subjects, and I did pretty well in them. (Not boasting, just fact, and I’ve probably got the reports somewhere to prove it!) This sounds good. Why would she be complaining, I hear you ask. Well, you try deciding what to do with your life when you enjoy everything and when you’re not particularly better at one thing than another. It’s a pain.

I’ve found something now though. Writing. I still like doing all sorts, but I think writing is my passion: I can and occasionally have spent all day with my fingers trying to keep up with my brain and getting in a tangle, or with a pile of paper that slowly gets covered in multi-coloured, indecipherable scribbles otherwise known as editing notes. (As do my fingers. Poor fingers, they don’t have an easy time of it!) So although I don’t claim to have any special skill, it’s what I enjoy.

Oh, also, I have Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There are various names for the condition, and it affects each sufferer in a different way, although there are lists of common symptoms. It’s a (currently un-treatable) affliction which I’ve had since childhood, and which will be with me for the rest of my life. In my case it’s like I’m two people: well-me, and post-me. Well-me is active, relatively outgoing, happy. Post-me is the opposite. It’s a pain. I deal with it.

So that’s a not-so-little bit about me. Please look around, make a comment, send me a message, and thanks for visiting!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I also used to live south-ish in the UK – in the Cotswolds, and like you I also prefer country to town. I’m now in southern France in the woods with no one in shouting distance (except my hubby). Writing is a passion for me too, in fact it’s a need – that was stunted by having to work for a living until I retired here twelve years ago.

    Hope you’re well today 🙂


    1. Thanks for visiting my site! I’m currently listening to birds singing and squabbling while supposedly writing. . . or maybe catching up on emails. . . Can’t get much better than that really, unless it could be sunny instead of grey 🙂

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